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Ministry Team

Ministry Team                


 Student Ministry Intern: Jarrod Hoffman

Jarrod Hoffman is the Student Ministry Intern. Jarrod graduated from Covenant College with a degree in math. He enjoys reading books and drinking coffee. His favorites are Harry Potter, anything Ender's Game, and classics like To Kill A Mockingbird. He loves being outside and playing soccer, spikeball, and slack lining (even though I'm not very good), or anything sport related. He also loves students and desperately wishes to see them experience the fathomless wealth of knowing Christ.

Our Staff - East Cobb Presbyterian Church                      




Student Ministry Assistant: Katie Gilbert

Katie has been an intern with our senior high girls for two different summers and has volunteered her time since then with both our junior high and senior high ministries, now joining us on staff. She graduated with a degree in Restaurants, Hotels, and Meetings Management from the University of Alabama. Katie enjoys being outside, puzzles, knitting, and the many opportunities for silliness and laughs that youth ministry affords. More importantly, she has a passion for coming alongside students as they embrace the overwhelming satisfaction of the Gospel.




Volunteer Staff

Carolyn and Caleb Summers volunteer with Sr. High Life.

Miranda and Taylor Larkin volunteer with Sr. High Life.

Jonathan Jackson volunteers with Sr. High Life.

Evan Pellegrino leads an 11th grade boys Discipleship Group and volunteers with the Sr. High Life.

Lilly Pellegrino leads the 12th grade girls Discipleship Group and volunteers with the Sr. High Life.

Gretchen Beck leads the 11th grade girls Discipleship Group.


HighLife Crew

This team is made up of select high school juniors and seniors, and serves the student ministry by helping plan and implement various events for both Jr. and Sr. High Life as well as serving as the primary leadership team for Jr. High Life. They participate in a variety of ways including; teaching the lesson, leading games, worship, and small group discussions. Students must go through an application process to become a member of this team.

2016-17 Crew Team members: Luke Ragan, Jacob Roach, Carlson Chiles, Kweku Hudson, Elizabeth Trapnell, Anne Morgan Trapnell, Caroline Porter, Caroline Bell, Anna Jacobson,  Avary Cross, and Shannon Hendrickson.


Summer Interns

Each summer we hire college students to serve as our summer interns. These interns spend their summer leading, disciplining, and encouraging our students in their walk with Christ. If you are interested in applying to be one of our summer interns, click each of the three links below to download, print and complete each document. When finished please email to Jarrod Hoffman.

1) 2017 Summer Staff - Pastoral Reference.pdf

2) 2017 Summer Staff - Peer Reference.pdf

3) 2017 Summer Staff Application - App Only.pdf