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Ministry Team

Ministry Team                

Director of Student Ministries: Jordan Ross

Jordan Ross joined ECPC as the Director of Student Ministries in August of 2017, and oversees the Jr. and Sr. High Youth Ministries. He has been in Youth Ministry since 2005 and served at two churches in Baltimore, Maryland before moving to Marietta. He graduated from Covenant College in 2002 and is close to finishing his Master of Arts in Religion from Reformed Theological Seminary. Both he and his wife, Jessica, are originally from Chattanooga, TN, were married in 2006, and have three children, Cameron, Ella and Claire. When not spending time with family or students, Jordan enjoys any athletic activity, being outdoors, traveling the world, and reading history books.  

yterian Church                      


Volunteer Staff

Stacey Porter, Taylor Larkin, Evan and Lilly Pellegrino volunteer on Sr. High Life nights.

Millie Miles, and Cassandra Fisher volunteer on Jr. High Life nights.

Meredith Dixon leads the 9th grade girls Discipleship Groups.

Stacey Porter and Mikki Mardis leads the 10th grade girls Discipleship Group.

Elizabeth Harper leads the 11th grade girls Discipleship Group.

Christina Fox leads the 12th grade girls Discipleship Groups.

Michael Trapnell leads the 9th grade guys Discipleship Group.

Jordan Ross leads the 10th and 11th grade guys Discipleship Group.

Taylor Larkin leads a 12th grade guys Discipleship Group.

HighLife Crew

This team is made up of select high school juniors and seniors, and serves the student ministry by helping plan and implement various events for both Jr. and Sr. High Life as well as serving as the primary leadership team for Jr. High Life. They participate in a variety of ways including; teaching the lesson, leading games, worship, and small group discussions. Students must go through an application process to become a member of this team.

2018-19 Crew Team members: Andrew Swierenga, Kweku Hudson, Taylor Chiles, Brian Acklen, Sarah Kate Smith, Lindsey Rhyne, Cameron Ragan, Katherine Bell, and Shane Hendrickson.

Summer Interns

Each summer we host four college students to be our summer interns for ten weeks to minister to both our Jr. High and Sr. High youth groups. Please visit the new youth ministry website internship page for all pertinent applications and information.