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Pastor's Corner

Pastor's Corner 


Galatians: Faith Working Through Love: Paul's Grace Moment

This week the apostle Paul shares his testimony of salvation by grace alone through faith alone. He summarizes his life as passionate for the "traditions of his fathers," more passionate than his peers. To state it in different terms, Paul was obedient to the law of God and faithful to his religious traditions, but then something happened: he met Jesus. This was no chance encounter but an example of God's gracious intervention in his life.

He says this to demonstrate that the gospel isn't his but comes from the direct interaction he had with Jesus on the road to Damascus. The message hasn't been altered since he first received it from the Lord. In addition, his own life is a testimony to the work of grace in him and an example of faith working through love. Paul is advancing the very message and church he once tried to destroy.

So come Sunday, and listen to Paul's testimony of God's grace in his life.

~Pastor Tim