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Pastor's Corner

Pastor's Corner 


Christmas Through Her Eyes: Ruth

Sunday, Pastor Paul brought us into the story of Rahab the harlot. A resident of Jericho, she professes her faith in the God of Israel and His plan to hand Canaan over to them as their home. She hides the spies and helps them escape, securing her safety and all she could get into her home. For Rahab, Christmas is a new identity, a new hope, and rest in God. Today, as she looks in the eyes of her Savior, she can testify of God's loving grace and his ability to heal broken lives and use them for his glory.

This week we're going to consider the next woman in Jesus' genealogy: Ruth. Her story intersects the people of God during the time when Israel was ruled by judges. If you remember the main line of that book, “Every man did what was right in his own eyes.” It was an immoral lawless time in Israel, punctuated by God’s grace in sending judges (male and female) to deliver his people. A famine drives Elimelech and his wife Naomi to flee to Moab with their two sons who take Moabite wives. Ruth was a daughter-in-law to Naomi. While in Moab, Elimelech and his two sons die leaving the women destitute. Naomi decides to head back to Israel and Ruth attends to her.

Destitute and without hope, Ruth devotes herself to caring for Naomi. She labors in the fields picking up the scraps that the gleaners left behind. And that’s when she meets Boaz, her soon to be kinsman-redeemer. She takes a great risk and appeals to Boaz to redeem her and the family land. She has nothing to offer. If he redeems her the land remains hers in the name of her late husband, so this offers him no financial gain. All she has is the shame of being a Moabitess which Boaz will have to endure. It’s her status that causes the first male in line to redeem her to refuse, lest as he says, “I impair my own inheritance.” So Boaz steps in to redeem Ruth.

Boaz is a type of Ruth’s great descendant, Jesus. Like Ruth, we have nothing to offer our Savior except the shame of our status as sinners. Jesus is our great Redeemer who gives of himself for us!

So come Sunday and let’s consider Christmas through Ruth’s eyes.

~Pastor Tim