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Pastor's Corner

Pastor's Corner


Renewing Grace 

We need to hear grace every day because we're all in process. So Paul urges Titus to assert the transforming grace of God in all the mini moments he has - that's where change happens. Mini moments - where we draw a line between what's happening in our lives to the grace of God. We need process-parents, process-spouses, process-pastors, and process-people.

This Sunday we'll study Paul's admonition to the church in community. He's not teaching on life in the church community, though his words apply, but life in the non-believing community. The non-believing community is watching us to see if what we believe makes any difference.

Sunday we'll consider how grace enables us to engage the non-believing community. Grace moves us from competitive independence, selfish indulgence, and self-righteous evaluation, so that we can love the people we live with in culture. Grace enables us to look beyond our egos and passions to live for the renewal of others because grace humbles us while connecting us to Jesus and His reconciling work.

So come Sunday, and allow the Scriptures to set your course for cultural renewal.

~Pastor Tim