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Serve the World

Understanding Missions at East Cobb Presbyterian

The “mission” of East Cobb Presbyterian Church is to be a gospel community, planting dynamic, gospel-centered churches in the Atlanta/North Georgia region, and beyond.  So, just like worship, fellowship and Christian education, and church planting, cross cultural missions are also an integral part of our church. Taking seriously our calling by Christ, we are committed to sending out to the nations, people who are called and trained to proclaim the gospel in word and deed. We actively support cross cultural missionaries through Mission to the World (MTW) and South American Missions (SAM). We also minister to the nations who have come to Atlanta through our support of RUF (Reformed Universities Fellowship) at Georgia Tech.

Why should each believer be involved in missions? Because it is part of God’s commission to us! Ron Shaw, Director of Spiritual Life at Mission To The World, addresses the question:  “Why Missions?”.  He gives four answers to this question based on Matthew 28:16-20.  This passage is known as the Great Commission. 

Consider what God’s word says to us about missions:

  1. Missions is the purpose of the church on earth.  When looking for the will of God in our everyday lives and decisions, it is sometimes difficult to find.  When it comes to missions, we do not have to find the will of God.  It is not difficult and it is not mysterious.  The purpose of the church and individual life is missions.
  2. It is our savior’s command.  In Matthew we are commanded to go into all the world making disciples and baptizing them.   It is not a question of if but how we will be involved in missions.  Because of Jesus’ command missions is as obligatory as the 10 commandments.  Word, deed and presence are necessary to carry out the great commission.  
  3. Human beings are immortal.  We possess immortal souls and will live forever in either heaven or hell.  It is our responsibility to share the gospel with those who are dying without Jesus Christ.  This is urgent and is one of the things that we can only do on earth – we can’t wait till we get to heaven. There are no innocent people who have not heard.  Only guilty people have not heard.  There is an urgency of going and being involved in the missionary enterprise of the church.
  4. It is all about the Love of God.  God wants all people everywhere to experience and participate in the love of God in Jesus Christ.  When we think of the love of God and the grace afforded through Jesus, we need to think of huge, extensive, large groups of people.  Jesus shed his blood for uncountable numbers of people.  In other words God does not idealize the world – it is real with countless numbers of real people.  God loves the whole world as it is, and wants us to share that love. 

It is a tremendous privilege to participate in the missionary enterprise of the church due to God’s grace.  He doesn’t need us.  He wants to give us the pleasure and joy of participating in the greatest enterprise imaginable.  Pray and ask God how you should be more involved in missions.

NOTE: We provide support for several missionaries and opportunities for our members to participate in short-term mission trips. You may find more information about these opportunities by logging into weConnect.